Wednesday 5th August, ALT Technologies Headquarters, Utrecht, The Netherlands

The COVID-19 crisis continues to affect everybody and every company; including ours and our customer’s. Our management teams in each of our global locations are working hard every day to follow and assess the situation. We are tracking the circumstances of our industry, customers and suppliers.

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About ALT Technologies

ALT Technologies is the leading global supplier of covers, wraps and seals for airbag systems, and labels for the automotive and durable goods industries. The ALT headquarters is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands and includes sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities. Next to a sales office in the USA, there are manufacturing facilities and on-site sales and engineering offices in Lupeni – Romania, Jiading (Shanghai) – China and Chihuahua City – Mexico

ALT Technologies provides innovative, tailor made die-cut and self-adhesive products. Each product is unique since it is especially designed for each application with a focus on quality, durability and cost efficiency. With extensive material and adhesive knowledge we create customer driven solutions.

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ALT Technologies has a very broad range of production capabilities. Our capabilities range from die-cutting materials as diverse as stainless steel to non-woven plastics, to printing of up to six colors self-adhesive labels: Size, speed and specifications are tailored to each customer. To be able to achieve maximum cost-efficiency for customers, the company can choose from a wide range of processes.


Durable Goods

ALT Technologies delivers a wide range of approved solutions to many of the leading manufacturers of durable goods brands. From cookers, fridges, freezers and boilers to generators and microwaves, our labels are recognized as a world-class product. The Company's focus on the durable goods sector is reflected by the fact that its solutions comply with international standards and with Underwriters Laboratories ("UL") standards for safety.

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ALT Technologies produces innovative tailor made die cut and self-adhesive products for the automotive industry. The company has become the leading supplier of covers and wraps for airbag systems in Europe. It is a global supplier to the main airbag manufacturers and its products can be found in all of the major car brands worldwide.

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Global quality standards

ALT has a lean management philosophy and very strong quality ethos. Continuous improvement policies and just in time (JIT) logistics have enabled the company to continuously improve quality and lower costs to become the leading supplier of products to Tier 1 automotive safety suppliers and durable goods OEMs.

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