ALT Technologies provides innovative, tailor made die-cut and self-adhesive products. Each product is unique since it is especially designed for each application with a focus on quality, durability and cost efficiency. With extensive material and adhesive knowledge we create customer driven solutions.

ALT Technologies has a dedicated global product development team. This team has in-depth knowledge of our customers needs, working constantly with customers to develop innovative and cost effective new product solutions. The company analyses developments in the automotive and durable goods markets in order to develop innovative new product lines to fulfil the future demand of our customers.

Our vision

Our goal is to be the worldwide market leader in quality and customer satisfaction, we are a learning organization using enhanced continuous improvement techniques.

We believe;

  • That our advanced product development plan offers our customers the best solutions.
  • That our Total Quality Management approach offers our customers leading quality solutions.
  • That with global presence and focus (without any distraction) for our chosen markets, we will be the market leader.
  • That through Lean management, investing in our people and technology we will be a cooperative and long term profitable organization.

Our mission

  • We aim to develop and deliver value added solutions to the automotive-, durable goods and other industries.
  • These solutions aim to surpass customer needs and expectations.
  • With our global presence and our total quality management approach we guarantee to meet customer quality and service requirements.
  • Ensuring an environment that will benefit all stakeholders.


ALT is the heir to a long tradition of manufacturing expertise, innovation and market leadership. In 1935 R. Stanton Avery manufactures world’s first self-adhesive labels in Los Angeles. In 1990 Avery Dennison started the development of automotive safety products in the USA, which was followed in 1997 by the launch of automotive safety production in Europe and a 500,000 euro investment in production equipment for automotive safety products at our Utrecht facility in The Netherlands in 1999.

In 2002 ALT was created as a part of the Sentega Group MBO from Avery Dennison, which was followed by an investment of
1.5 million euro in automotive safety production capacity and accreditation for ISO TS16949 in 2004. In 2011 ALT attracted Capital investment for Global Expansion of Auto Safety Production.

The first additional production facility was opened in Romania in 2004. Four years later in 2008 a new greenfield production facility was built in Romania, in addition to a new sales office in Shanghai, China. This was followed by the opening of a new production facility in Jiading (Shanghai), China in 2012. In 2016 ALT Technologies opened a sales office in the USA. In 2018 a new production facility and sales office was opened in Chihuahua City, Mexico.