Our Mission and Vision

We always strive for perfection and aim to deliver innovative and
trustworthy solutions to the automotive and home appliances industries.

Our Mission

ALT Technologies caters to the following mission statement to ensure our solution is the right fit:

  • Technical: Our teams have decades of combined experience to create solutions based on your drawings, industry applications and specifications to deliver value-added solutions to the automotive, home appliances and other industries
  • Environmental: We recognise and accept our responsibility towards the environment, health, welfare and safety as an integral part of our activities, through maintaining an environmental management system.
  • Resource: With our global presence and our total quality management approach, we guarantee to meet customer quality and service requirements.
  • Experience: Our know-how and expertise allow us to develop complex solutions with a quick turnaround time and in large batches.
  • Cultural: We have worked with many global customers over the last 50 years, and know what questions to ask to deliver your exemplar solution.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be the worldwide market leader in quality and customer satisfaction; we are always learning through enhanced continuous improvement techniques.

We believe;

  • Our advanced product development plan offers our customers the best solutions.
  • Our Total Quality Management approach offers our customers leading high-quality solutions.
  • With global presence and focus (without any distraction) for our chosen markets, we will be the market leader.
  • That through Lean management, and investing in our people and technology, we will be a cooperative and profitable organisation.
  • We can continue to save lives and beyond.

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