New from ALT Technologies: A Solution for Airbag Covers Using PET Non-Woven

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BY ALT Technologies | 02nd June 2022

ALT Technologies has developed and validated its PET non-woven materials to fulfil the Japanese OEM ageing requirements. 

The automotive industry is developing at a great speed in recent years due to the nature of the electric vehicles market and Industry 4.0 initiatives. With these updates, we too must look at ways to improve our technologies and materials. 

We have been in the airbag cover and automotive functional parts industry for decades now, and have developed an improved material that will appeal in particular to the US and Asian markets. 




We are working with our trusted (local) Asian supplier to fulfil PET non-woven specifications that meet all Tier 1 OEM demands. Having carried out months of extensive testing, we have developed this material that outperforms what is currently on the market. Current PET materials do not meet the 4,000-hour testing, therefore causing them to deteriorate quicker. Our testing clearly shows that our developed materials can exceed this time requirement and perform excellently.

PET Non-Woven: A New Solution to Rising Material Costs

Due to the stringent nature of the automotive industry, we are constantly looking to improve how we develop materials that continue to meet all standards. OEMs are particularly strict about airbag packaging and covers, stating these materials must last a minimum of 20 years to comply. 

In our labs, we carried out over 4,000 hours of testing and fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Meet high temperatures (110 degrees Celsius), humidity ageing and heat ageing requirements. 
  • Long duration – 4,000 hours. Standard specifications only require 400 hours. 
  • The material we tested is more cost-effective than what is currently on the market. 
  • Meet flammability and low-odour testing. 
  • ALT meets the right labour and production costs. 

Our rigorous testing found that our material outperforms what is currently on the market, making it a go-to choice for markets that develop using PET non-woven airbag covers. 

Why Choose ALT Technologies? 

  • Our product development allows for rapid design and testing with over 50 years of converting and material experience under our belt.
  • Every material, adhesive and process is unique to the solution. This is what makes our engineering application-specific.
  • We are a global company, with locations near manufacturers for swift production. 

Stay in the Right Lane 

We understand reliability and efficiency need to be a top priority while keeping in line with the outlined automotive specifications. Extending our material testing capabilities means we can go the extra mile for our customers, as we expand our US and Asian market automotive developments. We hope you will join us on this journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and check out our product solutions webpages.






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