RFID: Changing the Vehicle Manufacturing and Dealership Industry

BY ALT Technologies | 17th February 2022

There is no doubt that technology continues to amaze us as more developers create tools and products that help make our lives much more manageable. And with that, one of the latest developments sweeping the automotive industry’s world by storm is RFID.

RFID or radio frequency identification is a technology used in the automotive industry and other sectors. However, automotive suppliers use RFID during production and distribution, especially in car manufacturing and dealing.

Automotive manufacturers use RFID to track various components during assembly until they put together the whole vehicle. In addition, auto dealers use RFID to track inventory of the cars they have for sale, providing smoother operations and efficient customer service.

If you’re curious to know more about RFID and how these RFID labels are taking vehicle manufacturing and dealerships to the next level, keep reading.

When is RFID Used?

Shipping and Receiving: Many auto manufacturers use RFID to track components used for the assembly of a vehicle. With RFID, they can track and receive parts from different suppliers. Also, RFID helps in real-time to replace or repair defective parts and verify that the correct components were used in the assembly line before the production process. Therefore, it’s worth having RFID product labels for all vehicle components.

Staging: With RFID labels, you can track essential components on the staging floor. Tracking helps manufacturers have a synced flow, ensuring all parts are available and tracked in real-time. In addition, no parts are left unattended or missing, which is a good practice to have during the manufacturing process, ultimately reducing human error.

Locating Vehicles and Monitoring Drives: Another great thing about RFID is that it lets you know where your vehicles are—whether they’re stocked in the warehouse or brought out for drives. Auto dealers can also monitor and track inventory, making sure the cars are still the same as the day they were brought in.

Keep Necessary Vehicle Data: RFID also allows you to store vital information regarding each vehicle. With that said, every interaction is monitored with the car—from servicing to test drives, down to release.

Alert Staff for Service: Once the car arrives at the service bay, employees will be alerted about the vehicle’s needs through RFID. This way, it can prevent any mistakes during servicing.

The Bottom Line: RFID is Changing the Way the Automotive Industry Works

Technology has come a long way in creating practical solutions for different sectors in every industry. And for the automotive industry, it’s safe to say that RFID product labels have been taking manufacturing and dealing to the next level.

With RFID, dealers and manufacturers can cut downtime and make things much more efficient for their business. Auto dealers can track inventory and identify vehicles more efficiently. Manufacturers can also monitor and track components and assembly in a better way.

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We convert RFID labels that comply with label and OEM specifications, including:
• VW 01067 = RFID specification from Volkswagen
• GS 91010-2 = RFID specification from BMW.

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