We Are There For You During Turbulent Times

BY ALT Technologies | 31st March 2020

The effects of the corona crisis are touching everybody, and every company, including ours and our customers. Our whole management team, from each of our global locations, is working every day to follow and assess the situation in our industry, and at our customers and suppliers.

A special word from CEO Jean-Luc Verstraeten:

Dear customer,

ALT Technologies is focused on ensuring that our company takes all necessary measures to ensure the safety and health of its employees and the continuation of required day-to-day operations. We are also working to ensure that, once this crisis moment has passed, business can resume its normality as swiftly as possible. Our suppliers and our customers are all in various states of reduced production. We are taking actions accordingly and will continue to communicate with you, our customers, to inform you of any changes at this difficult time.

ALT Technologies staff at each of our locations, Utrecht – The Netherlands, Lupeni – Romania, Jiading (Shanghai) – China, Chihuahua – Mexico, are available to answer any questions you may have. Everyone who can is working from home, and production is currently functioning at reduced capacity in function of the demand, at each of our manufacturing plants. Sales, customer service, & planning are all available to take your calls, your orders/schedules, and enquiries about existing projects.

This situation is ongoing and will evolve over time. This page will be updated with any changes to the current situation to ensure we continue to provide updated information to all our stakeholders. To date, all our staff are healthy and working. We are here to support you.

Jean-Luc Verstraeten
CEO ALT Technologies

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