What to Know About Removable Labels

BY ALT Technologies | 10th February 2022

A label’s quality is determined, in part, by the material to which it is attached. Unfortunately, it isn’t very well connected if you can pull the label off without leaving residue on the object it is labelling. Although for many environments, a removable label is ideal.

This article will go over what you should know about removable labels.


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The Benefits of Removable Labels

Removable labels are ideal for situations where you need to update the information being conveyed frequently. These kinds of labels are both versatile and cost-effective, and they’re a great alternative to messages like “under new management” or “temporary location” that is often painted on or attached to doors or buildings.

You can place removable labels in various high-traffic areas, and they can generally be reused repeatedly. Energy labels and point of sale (POS) labels, for example, can be designed with customer branding in mind and are easy to remove from the products. Printing QR codes on labels allow customers to easily scan items to show product information. Using thermal transfer printing ribbons, your QR codes and other important product information will be displayed on high-quality labels with a clean and smooth finish.

They can also be applied to almost any surface. Removable labels are also helpful when you need to get information to workers quickly because you can efficiently use them.

Labels That are Easy to Apply

One of the main drawbacks to permanent labels is that they can be challenging to apply, especially when working with an adhesive applied to a curved surface. Even applying a label to a flat surface can be pretty challenging if you’re not using a label applicator. Removable labels, on the other hand, are easy to apply. They can be applied by hand or with a professional applicator. This is especially important in the automotive industry where traceability labels may need repositioning or need to be stuck on documentation later on.

When working with removable labels, there’s no need to worry about soaking the material you’re trying to label before applying the label or needing to apply more than one label to make sure it sticks securely. Removable labels like these have a higher tack than most permanent labels, meaning that they stick better in various environments. The adhesive used to secure removable labels also tends to be permeable and flexible, meaning that it won’t crack over time or leave a residue behind if the label does become unstuck. In the automotive industry, a special removable adhesive is used where when heat is applied, it then becomes permanent.

These kinds of labels will not damage the material that’s being labelled. They can be removed and re-applied with ease or applied to surfaces that have been painted or coated. As is the case in durable goods industries, labels may need to be clear removable from the substrate, or clean removable so as not to leave any trace. While removable labels are designed to be temporary, they can sometimes last longer than their permanent counterparts. Other new label advancements are also popping up, such as electrostatically charged synthetic paper that adheres to most flat surfaces even without adhesive.

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What to Consider When Deciding Between Permanent and Temporary

When you’re deciding whether to go with permanent or removable labels, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. For starters, consider the amount of time you’re expecting the label to provide the kind of information that you need.

If it’s something that will only be relevant for a short period (say, an event), then you may be OK with a removable label. However, if your goal is to convey information that will change very infrequently, you may be better off with a permanent label. Another factor to consider is if parts of the label need more protection than others; for example, on an automotive protection cover or a logo label.

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