Curtain Airbag (Head-Side Airbag): Mini Wrappers

Curtain airbag mini wrappers are a small piece of material that can be wrapped around the airbag, with various applications depending on your solution needs. Mini wrappers cover minor parts of the airbag, with multiple wrappers being used in conjunction with the airbag when it is in a stowed configuration. A wrapper may be used when the airbag is being mounted to the vehicle, for example. 

Benefits of Curtain Airbag Mini Wrappers

  • Mini wrappers in combination with wrap around tapes is an alternative to a curtain airbag wrap.
  • Easy to check the curtain airbag is not twisted during installation.

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  • Curtain Airbag (Head-Side Airbag): Mini Wrappers

Material Types

  • Nonwoven polypropylene
  • Nonwoven polyester


  • Die-Cutting
  • Printing


  • To keep the roll-folded curtain airbag at the mounting brackets in position.


  • Including flame retarder to meet flammability specifications
  • Low emission materials are also available
  • The curtain airbag mini wrappers can be made in different colours, such as white or black

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