Flexible Circuits

This lightweight technology can be used in a wide variety of automotive applications, including thin-film heaters, capacitive touch foils, die-cut busbar foils, sensors, HMI (human-machine interface) and lighting systems.

Our flexible circuit flat cabling cell connection system solutions provide design freedom and are application-specific engineered solutions.

Adding adhesive for easy mounting, automotive dispersing options, and connecting via conductive tape, welding or soldering is possible. 

With flexible printed electronics foil or plastic-coated flat cabling sheets, each connection point is assigned to a predetermined area, ensuring no faults and reflecting a ‘poka-yoke’ system. 

ALT Technologies has worked within the automotive industry for over twenty years, ensuring flexible solutions in both development and design.


  • Flexible circuit solution
  • Coated plastic film
  • Copper or aluminium foil


  • Only customised solutions (ALT Technologies delivers > 7,000 different components). 
  • Extensive material database and supplier base (ALT Technologies uses over 500 different materials). 
  • Cost-efficient production process.


  • Printing
  • Die-cutting (customised shape)
  • (Partly) adhesive application 
  • (Partly) conductive adhesive application
  • Add reinforcement or insulation layers

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