Light Diffusion Labels

ALT Technologies create adhesive labels that you can then add to your products once they are fully developed. Light diffusion labels allow light to carefully shine through transparent sections of the label, making your product features stand out and clearly display their functionalities.

These solutions can take on a variety of means, for example, the temperature and feature symbols on washing machines. The labels will be developed according to your solution and will come with instructions for how best to apply.

Benefits of Light Diffusion

  • Adhesive application in the desired pattern.
  • Light only passes through the transparent areas.
  • Cost-efficient assembly due to parts on a roll instead of loose parts.

Together, we can build an innovative and safe future.

Material Types

  • Transparent polycarbonate
  • Transparent polyester
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives


  • Die-cutting
  • Printing
  • Adhesive application


  • Used for displays with translucent symbols and text in a wide range of appliances.


  • Mirror image printing
  • Undercover printing

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