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Over 50 years of experience to bring you the best in occupant safety engineering.

Airbag Covers that Save Lives

ALT Technologies are pioneers in producing airbag covers and wraps that are designed to keep car occupants safe. Our products enable customers to save lives. 

Airbag covers and wraps prevent foreign objects from contaminating the airbag modules and protect the airbag during its lifetime. We can make them from an array of materials, including nonwoven fabrics such as Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PET), PA and transparent Polyethylene (PE) film. 

The vehicles of today might be advancing with all kinds of new technologies. For ALT, the basics still remain. Our airbag covers and wraps are made to withstand all driving instances until sudden impact, ensuring swift deployment when they are needed.

Airbag Cover Solutions For:

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