Endre Csergezan

Endre Csergezan

Product Development Engineer – Lupeni, RO


Introducing Endre


Endre has been a core team member of the ALT Romania team, starting back in 2013. Since 2019, he has been the leader of the product development team.


He brings a lot of knowledge to the team and pays close attention to detail throughout his work procedures, including dealing with ​​feasibility studies and RFQ investigations, material types, deciding on each plant for a specific part and checking every minute detail to discuss with the customer.


Endre works closely with ALT customers; he knows exactly how their organisation works. Working intrinsically with automotive customers requires feasibility studies and RFQ investigations to get the most delicate details correct.


What is the best thing about working with ALT?

“We are a small company and are much closer to each other, we understand each other, we can make decisions very quickly through having a simple discussion. The opportunity to be part of this industry, including passive safety, airbag covers, labels, seals and gaskets, means we enjoy why we are developing these products.”


What do you like the most about the ALT culture? 

The ALT culture is dynamic and progressive. People want to work for a growing company, developing and trying to push the boundaries whenever possible. I believe this is precisely the case with our company.


What is the secret to your success?

I wish I knew that! If I have to name something, I would say the education and upbringing I got from my parents and at school and university. But, on the other hand, using the tools and opportunities which today’s world provides us, everybody could develop and achieve success if they are genuinely committed to it.

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