Istvan Komives

Team Leader & Planner, Production – ALT Romania


Introducing Istvan


Istvan has been working at ALT for over 13 years. Originally, Istvan was an electrician but then transferred to industrial printing. With 23 years of experience in that area, he started at ALT Romania. Over the years, he has learned how to thoroughly plan responsibilities for his production team and stay on top of automotive rules and regulations.


What does your day-to-day look like at ALT?

“I have been a stitching cell leader since beginning at ALT in 2010. I am responsible for a team of 20 people. Every morning, I have to decide which operator carries out the work to make all the parts ready for on-time delivery. Sometimes it is difficult to calculate all these moving parts, but I have instruments like QAD to lay out these processes and decisions.”


How do you prepare your team for work every day?

“The most important feature is to avoid customer claims; we do a lot of training, but in the end it’s really down to teamwork. Because we deal with many new materials, I primarily educate myself about them and then train my team how to work with them. We work with the global Product Development teams and Process Engineers to see how we can manage and constantly improve our processes. We conduct various feasibility tests and iterations to ensure continuous quality and optimal process speeds.”


What are you most proud of at ALT?

“I am proud to have been an ALT team member for 13 years now. ALT fosters a great learning culture. Every day we get the chance to make an effort in refining our work and process development. I believe this is something other companies can learn from ALT regarding work culture and employee input. I also like to learn and guide new things; I can do both here at ALT. We always seek out new ways of doing something; even when we think we cannot make any more changes, we find something else which vastly changes and refines our production processes.”



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