Li Caotao

Lean Facilitator – ALT China


Introducing Li


Li Caotao has been working at ALT China for 10 years since May 12, 2012 and has been one of the first members aboard. Growing into the role of Lean Facilitator, Li is dedicated to optimizing production lines to better, simpler, shorter, smarter and more creative ways alongside of continuous improvement.


He dedicates his time to ensure that new standards meet the feasible and possible practicality which everyone can comply with easily.


Being very passionate about his role, never stopping to learn and caring for the future of ALT Technologies, Li has done one of the greatest accomplishments in his ALT loyal decade.


What does your job role look like currently?

“Since October 2020, I have been working as Lean Facilitator at ALT China.”


What responsibilities do you have as a lean facilitator?

“I was not familiar with this position and I learned everything from scratch. I think the responsibility of a lean facilitator is to make the production lines from complicated to simple, from more to less, from existent to non-existent, from long to short. In short, lean facilitator aims for continuous improvements.”


What is the most important thing about being a lean organisation?

“As a lean facilitator, the most important thing is to follow up and check the feasibility after making standards. Standardization is to make reasonable and suitable standards, which can easily be complied with.”


What accomplishment are you most proud of in your work at ALT?

“I think the most proud accomplishment is the improvement of our processes by replacing the manual work with highly efficient automatic work. For example, we developed an equipment to turn a roll of tape wraps into pieces, which was previously done by operators. We created a new process which now removes the confetti of mini wraps on the machine, instead of removing confetti manually.”


Where do you think the next step/breakthrough will be in your line of work?

“I hope ALT China will have more and more automatic production lines. We will train more technical operators, improve our 6S and create a better workplace that all of us are proud of.”


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