Mayra Madrigal

Human Resources Leader – ALT Mexico


Introducing Mayra


Mayra is from Chihuahua, Mexico and has been the human resources leader at the ALT facility in Chihuahua for the past four years. With a background in accounting and payroll, Mayra now manages a lot more in her day-to-day than just figures! 

No day is the same for Mayra, as she takes charge of the labour environment, including hiring personnel, training people, and managing payroll. From time to time, she offers a helping hand to her coworkers both professionally and personally! Mayra’s focus on maintaining employee relations ensures the work ethic and environment constantly improve.


How do you feel about being a female leader?

I grew up on a farm far away from the city. I always knew who I was and what I wanted, and the male culture didn’t affect me. Employees in Chihuahua have more equal opportunities, flexibility, and support from their partners. This translates to how well we do our jobs with dedication and precision daily.


What’s your favourite part of the day at work?

I love creating Excel formulas, haha! But giving people their new salary is very satisfying, recognising hard work and rewarding it – the best part!


What do you like about working at ALT?

It is the best question! I love working at ALT. Here I can mix my professional role with motherhood and being a wife. As a result, I can make critical decisions.”

“Working with my team is easy; we are united, there is trust, and we work together for common goals. In addition, there is excellent communication between all the workers and employees.”

“During the two months we were closed during the Covid pandemic, it was essential for me not to tell any of the employees that they did not have to work anymore. ALT paid employees a full salary which was incredibly relieving during such a stressful time. It is important that the company I work for takes care of their employees throughout all economic times, the good and the not-so-good.



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