Nydia Uribe

Global Process Engineering Manager – Utrecht, NL


Introducing Nydia


Nydia has been working with ALT Technologies since 2018. She has the freedom to develop the process engineering department from the ground up. 


Working globally across such a diverse team may sound like a challenge, but Nydia takes a coaching and mentoring style to empower her team to channel their creative strengths in their work. Managing the global process engineering team keeps Nydia on edge as every day is entirely different. 


How do you manage a global team? 

“In our team, no person stays behind; we see each other as humans and not as a payroll. You transform into a person for growth, development, and your families. In our one-to-one meetings, they are half work and half personal life.” 


Where do you think the next breakthrough will be in your line of work? 

“We need to make breakthroughs in new markets, develop new processes, and come up with new solutions where we can make a significant impact. We must break down the known processes because experience can stand in the way of being creative. However, we continue to be creative through our love of starting up exciting projects and are motivated to get the opportunity to create with a white canvas and new colours.“


How would you say your role has developed with ALT? 

My team and I have the liberty to be creative and support each other. We are a flat organisation that empowers us to be involved in all the operations. As I’ve grown this department I’ve come to understand that with our different cultures and personalities, getting to know my team has been more enriching than it has been challenging. My role has changed into being that of a mentor and coach to my team, allowing them to strive in their respective environments. 


ALT is a big believer in being an inclusive workforce, how do they support you and enable new possibilities for growth and inclusivity? 

ALT recognises the power of differences by culture and of course gender. We bring new ideas to the table through our diverse and dynamic backgrounds from across the globe. Even though our team is worldwide, there is still a great sense of inclusion because we are a small team. We all take the time to listen to one another and discuss our new concepts, nothing is off the table. 

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