Adhesives Converting: The Story of Sticking

BY ALT Technologies | 17th September 2021

As an experienced adhesive converter, ALT knows every component is key to driving your business decisions. For many, adhesives are what keep them all together.

Adhesives have been around for thousands of years, from the Neanderthals right up until the first self-adhesive label created by R. Stanton Avery, the founder of Avery Dennison in 1935. Of course, they are still around today in many different forms. Simply put, adhesives are substances used for sticking materials together.

In the modern world, simple glues are overtaken by the necessity for precision and adjustments for the required adherence.

ALT is an adhesive- and materials-converting company, meaning we take the “raw” adhesive or material and modify it into a functioning solution that can be used on products like labels, covers, and protective components, to name a few.

These materials come in the form of tapes, liquid adhesives, foams, films, solids or pastes. We develop the finished product using accredited technological processes such as die-cutting, laminating, slitting or printing.


Highlights of ALT’s best-in-class capabilities:

precision die-cutting ALT
Precision die-cutting
Adhesive application and laminating
Adhesive application and laminating



More Than The Devil in the Details

Adhesives are used in an array of industries, from the automotive industry to the food industry, with all requiring special knowledge in how the adhesive can be applied. Buying raw materials and adhesives often means buying them in a large batch, such as on a large roll or on sheets. These forms are not useful for the end-user as they don’t have the tools and techniques to create the desired finished product. Whereas we have the capabilities and 50+ years of expertise to bring them all together.

Knowing what outcomes our customers require is key to creating an adhesive solution that meets their standards. Some adhesives need to be pressure-sensitive, heat-activated or must peel without leaving residue. Others must not change colour throughout their lifetimes, such as automotive and home appliances warning labels.

Similar to how an automotive engineer looks at all the individual car parts to create the perfect car, ALT must also ensure that every adhesive and material part meets the specifications for proper functioning.

Logo Background Labels showing adhesive ALT
Logo background labels showing adhesive on the back side


The Perfect Adhesive Product

Over the years, ALT has experimented with many adhesives and become proficient in material and adhesive converting. Crafting long-time relationships with suppliers means we have a great choice for our customers, ensuring you get the best quality at a cost that suits the project.

An adhesive label project ALT undertook included finding a better adhesive solution for labels on airbag housing. The airbag metal coating was changed by our customers, which resulted in lower surface tension for the coating. This change in surface tension meant our adhesive strips no longer functioned like before, so surface energy tests were carried out to assess the new coating. Through performing rigorous testing, we found a suitable adhesive that worked as needed on the new coating.

ALT covers on passenger airbags
Coated steel airbag housing with ALT cover fixed by transfer tape


“The ideal adhesive solution is the sum of its parts; the capabilities, inputs and manpower.”Jelmer Sminia, Lead Engineer.

Working with a company that understands your challenges, such as the surface tension and required adhesive performance means you get a trialled, durable (or not) end product. ALT has adhesives that can stick on carton boxes (Galia or Odette labels), however, these can also be used with metal like inflator seals in occupant safety. The performance and costs are totally different, depending on our customer’s end goal.

When it comes to crafting millions of automotive and home appliances products, we know what works best. Our materials science experts in the lab follow rigorous procedures to make the perfect shape, cut, stick or seal. We are engineers too, so it is our job to make sure products steer clear of unnecessary costs and effort, thereby rapidly pushing automotive products to market.

A company might have the best processes and technologies in the world, but if they can’t ship products to customers in a quick turnaround time, it’s difficult to establish a steady supply chain. ALT is located where our customers are, so they can rest assured the drafts and designs can swiftly be sent out. Not only that but our suppliers are also located to hand. Our customers get the best material choices and they’re delivered on time. If they need to make changes, this can easily be arranged.

ALT product portfolio
ALT Product Portfolio examples


Versatility Unleashed

As you can see, from die-cut adhesives to various substrates, there are many ways you can craft an ideal solution that meets stringent standards. There is no one size fits all, nor one set way to create the end product. If you would like some inspiration for solving adhesive problems, check out all our sticking solutions, including our latest products in insulators, thermal interface materials and EMI shielding.





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