Thermal Interface Materials

Know the difference between millimetres and microns. 

We see Moore’s Law in full force across the electronics market; they are getting smaller but increasing in power and output. While this is incredibly useful for car manufacturers and designers, we must also be aware of their thermal effects.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) are used to enhance heat flow between a source and the heat sink, air, or component package. These materials are designed to control the heat by replacing the air gaps around the components.

Benefits of Working with ALT Thermal Interface Materials

  • Our knowledge in thermal pads, tape and grease allows us to develop TIM solutions with precision from the design phase. Our expertise in die-cutting allows us to propose rapid prototypes choosing the right materials for mass production.
  • With our global presence, in each region, we offer high-level products and quality to all customers.

As the electronics of today grow smaller, our converting capabilities advance and grow larger.

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