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BY ALT Technologies | 03rd September 2021

ALT Technologies has expanded its automotive offering to include electric vehicle (EV) battery protection solutions.

It is projected that electric vehicles will take over automotive sales by 2040. Our new portfolio launch into EV battery protection comes as this branch of the automotive industry takes hold.

Electric vehicle with battery pack_ALT
Electric vehicle with battery pack


Lithium-ion batteries produce great amounts of heat in tiny spaces. Our knowledge in converting thermal gap filler can combine with EMI custom die-cutting adhesives, that allow manufacturers to develop electronic solutions with precision and safety right from the design phase.

  • Our product development allows for rapid design and testing with over 50 years of converting and material experience under our belt.
  • Every material, adhesive and process are unique to the solution. This is what makes our engineering application-specific.
  • We are a global company, with locations near manufacturers for swift production.

These capabilities have led us to create new product ranges for our customers: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding, Insulators, and Thermal Interface Materials.


Introducing Electronics Protection

The Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding products include pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes that protect electrical components from electromagnetic interference and waves. Our die-cutting and efficient production processes enable us to propose the right microwave absorbers, such as in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

PCB over radio frequency absorbers for EMC tests ALT
EMI Shielding solutions to protect your electronics


Electrical devices might be getting smaller but they are still creating tremendous amounts of heat. Through our cost-efficient die-cutting processes, ALT is working with thermal interface materials such as tapes, pads and phase change material that will dissipate or control the heat in these electronic devices.

Thermal pad on PCB board ALT
Thermal pad on PCB board


ALT have been developing insulators and protective components for many years, and have extended their range to include electrical insulators both with or without heat dissipation, and heat insulators. Our expertise in tapes, adhesives, foams and gaskets allows us to research complex designs to provide our customers with safe and cost-effective insulator products.

ALT Electric Insulator
Electric insulator with adhesive


Reliable Electronics Protection for The Future

ALT has our customer solutions at hand, whether they need material samples within a short timeframe or a large batch of pressure-sensitive tapes for electric car components. As we have been working with adhesives and materials since our inception, while working alongside the world’s biggest automotive engineers, we understand reliability and efficiency need to be a top priority.

Extending our product range means we can go the extra mile for our customers, as we take on Industry 4.0 and new home appliances and automotive developments. We hope you will join us on this journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and check out our new product solutions webpages.

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