Global Quality Standards

Our management system encompasses process guidance, product quality and integrity, and organisational growth.

Our Quality Policies

ALT has a lean management philosophy and a robust quality ethos. Continuous improvement policies and just-in-time (JIT) logistics have enabled the company to improve quality and become the leading supplier of occupant safety components and durable goods applications.

Jasmin Bajric, Global Quality Manager:
“One of ALT’s foundational principles is our zero defect approach. Everyone in ALT strives to get it right the first time. Every day, the team sets out to apply, develop and improve all the LEAN standards using our visual SQDCIP shop floor management system to maintain this high quality.”

Keeping our zero-defect approach front and centre is essential to reducing our annual PPM and complaints. Root cause analysis is at the heart of our process to identify and eliminate defects.

Our teams are well-versed in spotting minute details that can add up to costly mistakes. From 6S, ensuring that every workplace and department has lean capabilities, to Hoshin Kanri, Kanban, Kaizen and A3, all leading to a fluid and efficient process for our customers’ solutions. The combination of Jidoka, Andon and visual inspection is another cog in our extensive quality system to increase awareness and detectability of problems, therefore contributing to reducing PPM. Please see below our full list of implemented Total Quality Management tools and techniques.

We build continuous quality improvement by identifying where things go wrong. We are proactive rather than reactive. The maintenance programme is moving towards an RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) strategy. If you want to learn how we incorporate this, please read the article on our patented predictive maintenance process.

Geert Veenendaal, Global Lean Manager:
“It’s all about the detail. Even though the principles and techniques are evident, it’s all about the behaviour of your employees and management. You can have the best tools in the world, but that doesn’t make you a carpenter.
“Creating a culture of continuous improvement, a culture of people that believe in zero defect; if you can make that culture and way of thinking, you can reach that point on the horizon.”

Total Quality Management

Our Quality System embeds the LEAN Management approach embracing the 14 Principles. We deliver unparalleled value to the customer by offering the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Tools and techniques we use include:

  • 6S workspace organisation
  • Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment
  • A3 and 8D problem-solving
  • Kanban
  • Visual management
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Value Stream Analysis (VSA)
  • Kaizen continuous improvement

Download our policies

ALT Technologies
Quality Policy

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ALT Technologies
Environment, Health, Safety and Welfare Policy

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ALT Technologies
Supplier Quality Manual

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ALT Technologies
Global Supplier Code of Conduct

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ALT Technologies
Business Conduct and Ethics Policy

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Our range of ISO and IATF certificates shows our dedication to continuous improvement and to ensure product safety and consistency. We strive to describe further, understand and communicate our company’s processes with our customers to ensure complete satisfaction, and aim to maintain the highest standards.

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