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It is most likely that we have already developed a product for your problem. If not, then we are ready to make it happen.

Product Solutions Overview

Over the years, we have delivered millions of products to satisfied customers. In fact, we have probably already created a solution that matches your requirements. If we have not, we will innovate for new developments. Customers come back to us again and again because we get things right the first time.

Let us collaborate to find you a solution that seals, shields, protects or adheres.


Time to produce astounding results.

From die-cutting, printing, stitching and ultrasonic welding, to laminating and adhesive application, ALT has deeply ingrained knowledge of all the process requirements.

  • When it comes to our customers’ solutions, we know that the end-product is only as effective as the manufacturing processes it goes through. ALT has a variety of printing techniques that enable custom-made developments.
  • We develop stringent testing and procedures to ensure your product’s maximum safety and success.
  • Our worldwide teams and production facilities stay up-to-date on all certifications to develop thorough solutions with proven track records.
ALT Materials


For every single application.

Our materials are designed with you in mind; they do not just protect parts, or adhere to surfaces. They work in unison with your overall application to deliver better performances.

  • With new and emerging technologies, there is a need for new materials that can meet strict automotive qualification requirements and legislations. We develop to meet the safety standards of the future.
  • Our materials fit like a glove, as if they were already built as part of your unique application. From high-performance materials made to withstand the toughest environments, or ultra-lightweight, heat activated and pressure sensitive adhesives, felt and foils.
  • Nonwoven PP, UL & CSA certified materials, felts, plastics and metals, foam, acoustic pads, glass fiber and dielectric materials are just a selection of the substances we work with every day.


Whether your solution needs to fulfil stringent conditions such as resistance to oil or gas, or battle extreme temperatures in the home appliances and ovens, our products will provide the backbone for your solutions.
In-depth investigations are carried out together with the customer to find the perfect product-fit, using APQP Project Management. Every detail of the product is reviewed before initial sample inspection and Start of Production.

No matter how complicated or rudimentary your application may be, we have the supreme solution for you.

Don’t see your exact solution? Contact us to discuss your application needs.

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Over 50 years of experience to bring you the best in label manufacturing, including RFID, and automotive safety and protective components development.

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