ALT Technologies Collaborates with New RFID Partner Spotsee

BY ALT Technologies | 23rd June 2022

RFID technology is an integral part of the automotive supply chain. ALT Technologies has teamed up with Spotsee to bring you their Shockwatch RFID tag and devices.

Industry 4.0 and RFID technologies continue to take hold of factories and the supply chain worldwide. By tracking shipment impact, temperature, tilt and humidity, companies can get a deeper holistic picture of their supply chain’s efficiency. The main drivers behind the need to track these conditions are the ever-increasing focuses on quality and quick delivery times.

SpotSee offers an extensive product line filled with innovative shipping and condition monitoring. Our broad portfolio allows them to deploy monitoring devices that deter mishandling and damage for thousands of customers across various industries, including automotive.

Shockwatch RFID Tags

Spotsee has coupled the ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicator with a passive RFID tag. Supply chain operators can seamlessly upload asset conditions to their warehouse management system by scanning the ShockWatch RFID with a standard UHF reader. You can choose the appropriate impact threshold and affix the tag to your products. Physically seeing the indicator is no longer necessary as it is automatically registered in the system.

Partnering with Spotsee enables both parties to bring their extensive expertise and automotive industry knowledge to the fore. By combining traditional RFID inventory management with impact-damage monitoring, managers can use their ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID infrastructure to deter, detect, and diagnose damage throughout the supply chain.

As the world ramps up after covid, this shift to ensure product integrity while keeping costs as low as possible means ample opportunities to provide effective RFID technologies. With rising inflation and increasing material costs, companies must keep product damage to a minimum and have the technologies to assess where damage occurs in the supply chain.

If you want more information, please see our Shockwatch Solutions page or contact us to see how we can specifically help your supply chain processes. You can read more about Spotsee, their Shockwatch RFID tags and other product developments here.






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