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BY ALT Technologies | 09th June 2022

With over 10 million electric vehicles on the road in 2020, ALT Technologies is developing new conductive ink products in line with customer requirements as part of electronics protection and electric vehicle advancements.

ALT Technologies is the leading global supplier of occupant safety components, custom-made labels, RFID labels, EMI shielding, as well as thermal, protective and functional parts for durable goods industries, including automotive, home appliances, electronics and beyond.

ALT announced today that they would be introducing conductive ink flexible printed circuits, or printed electronics, into their product range. This comes as electric vehicle (EV) innovations, automotive interior applications and human-machine interface (HMI) adaptations soar, with battery electric vehicles making up two-thirds of the world’s EV sales in 2020. There are extensive opportunities for printed and flexible automotive applications as the industry moves to electric vehicle and digital manufacturing methods.

The dynamic R&D team at ALT Technologies have been keeping their finger on the automotive pulse, and in line with new electronics protection solutions, see that there are many benefits for automotive tier 1 suppliers and OEMs.

  • A significant advantage of printed/flexible electronics is the fast manufacturing process.
  • Printed/flexible solutions can be produced at high volume and rates, reducing costs. Their resistance to abrasion makes them an even stronger facet in OEM’s manufacturing.
  • Most applications that incorporate printed electronics are now getting thinner in dimension and form. With a conductive ink product line, the future of electronics will fit in with new government guidelines by being flexible, lightweight and connected.

There are two clear application opportunities for printed/flexible electronics in vehicle powertrains, especially in EVs.

  • There is an opportunity for printed/flexible temperature sensors, heaters, and even pressure sensors for an electric vehicle (battery monitoring and management).
  • Thermal interface materials can assist with cooling electronics in vehicles (for the electronic control unit; power electronics in EVs).

Conductive inks such as silver or carbon can be applied using techniques such as screen printing, which ALT is experienced using. They are highly compatible with a range of flexible substrates, including PET, heat-stabilised PET, polyimide (PI), and polycarbonate (PC).

Additionally, to their core business and conductive ink printed circuit, ALT Technologies proposes global solutions in thermal products compatible with automotive customers’ needs. With over 50 years of experience in die-cutting, ALT specifically designs each product for its application, focusing on quality, durability, and cost-efficiency, making the company a number one choice for solutions involving printed electronics and conductive ink flexible printed circuits (FPCs).

If you would like more information about the new conductive ink flexible printed circuit board (FPC) products, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!





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