Sophisticated RFID Solutions for The Automotive Industry

BY ALT Technologies | 06th January 2023

Take tracking labels to the next level with combined RFID and barcode solutions across the automotive supply chain.

Gone are the days of lost or counterfeit inventory, bottlenecks in supply chain management or manual asset scanning.

With the rise and rise of smart cities, electric vehicles, and autonomous driving, RFIDs thrive in all of these cases. Adopting a flexible, future-focused mindset around these technologies allow companies to get ahead of the curve.

ALT has extensive experience in the automotive and durable goods industries. We know that strict specifications, finding new customised solutions and developing samples in a quick turnaround time are necessary to keep up. We created an infographic outlining how we combine our expertise with Industry 4.0, starting with our RFID-converted barcode labels.

And did you know, we not only develop RFID labels for our customers, but we have taken advantage of the many benefits of RFID by patenting a process we use in our facilities?

You can check out this article if you have any questions about RFID labels, or contact us today.

Download our RFID infographic to learn more about the steps you can take to work with the automotive industry’s best-in-class converting company.






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