Esther van der Mark

Esther van der Mark

Customer Service Representative; Supply Chain – ALT The Netherlands


Introducing Esther


Esther is ALT’s first line of customer contact for more than 13 years. She focuses on getting parts produced and ensuring JIT delivery.
Esther shares an office with her colleagues in operations, close to the production and warehouse. She can easily contact the planner to judge the possibilities if and when urgent requests come in.
In the frontline of customer orders and schedules, it’s never a dull moment. Esther loves this busy working environment.


What does being a customer service rep involve?

“I am the first port of call between customers and everyone in ALT after a product is approved. We give the customers the information on their orders. The teams I am most in touch with in ALT are planning and the warehouse, product development, with my manager, and of course, machine operators. Because our office is downstairs in the production hall, you can easily chat with everybody and check first-hand where the boxes are.”


How do you feel supported in your daily work?

Every day we have a small meeting at 9.30 in the morning with the ALT supply chain team and our manager. We discuss only the most important and urgent requests and tasks for that day. We don’t hyper-focus on one particular subject as the day is changeable, but we have an idea of what is going on for the day. The office is a very open plan, so everyone, including my manager, is accessible and easy to talk to whenever needed.


How will your role change in the next couple of years?

Because I’ve been in this position for a while and the experience that comes with that, I have the liberty to make choices that are best for my customers.
I am self-assured when it comes to looking after my clients, and I stand up for them and do my best to ensure they are happy. I don’t think my role will change too much over the coming years. I’m perfectly happy in the middle of the working space and working independently. It’s nice knowing that this is the right role for me.



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